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Fees Billing

The fees billing module can be added to all three editions of the AquaSoft Club Manager in order to record and maintain details relating to members payment of fees

The main features and facilities within this module relate to the following:

Account Facilities

  • Create accounts for members against which all their fees due are charged to
  • Multiple members can be assigned to an account e.g. for family accounts

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Billing Facilities

  • Define the details of the subscription fees associated with your club
  • Define any additional fees or sales items that you wish to record payment details for e.g. meet entry fees, equipment sales etc
  • Assign subscription fees to members or accounts
  • Create subscription or sales item charges for accounts
  • Facility to create batch subscription charges for all or specified accounts
  • Specify due dates and grace periods which are used to determine late payments
  • Multiple reports are available giving details of totals charged, fees due, fees that are late etc.

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Invoice Facilities

  • Create and print invoices for the charges raised against each account
  • Clubs can customise their invoices with user defined invoice header and footer text
  • Monitor the print status of each invoice and track invoice print dates

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Payment Recording Facilities

  • Record payment details for the fee charges raised
  • Print payment receipts
  • Multiple income reports are available to preview or print

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