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AquaSoft Coaching Assistant

Software Features

The main features and facilities of the AquaSoft Coaching Assistant include:

Training Cycles

  • Outline the details of your annual training plan
  • Quickly construct your macro, meso and micro cycle details

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Session Plans

  • Record, browse and print all of your session plan details including land training sessions
  • Enter the details of your session plans as they relate to your defined micro cycles
  • Alternatively session plans can be recorded independent of any training cycles
  • Print individual session plans or print all the session plan details for a specified week

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Record, browse and print evaluations for the following:

  • Session Plans
  • Annual Training Plans
  • Macro, Meso and Micro cycles
  • Weekly Evaluations

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Training Cycle Analysis

Users who record their session plan details against training cycles can utilise the multiple training cycle analysis reports available:

  • Generate a breakdown of the distances covered for specified macro, meso and micro cycles
  • Analyse the distances covered for each type of training set, exercise and stroke performed

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One of the key features of the AquaSoft Coaching Assistant is the ability for coaches to customise the software to accommodate their own preferred coaching models and terminology.

Coaches can define there own:

  • Training Set Types - EN1, EN2, A1, A2, Drill, Sprint etc.
  • Exercise Types - Full Stroke, Kick, Pull, Drill, Dive, Turn etc.
  • Stroke Types - Back, Breast, Fly, Free, Medley, Choice, #1 Stroke etc.

The training cycle analysis reports available give breakdowns for the sets, exercises & strokes you define

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