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AquaSoft Meet Manager

Software Features

The main features and facilities of the AquaSoft Meet Manager include:

Pre Meet Facilities

The pre met facilities are used to prepare and quickly input all the relevant meet information before the day of competition, including:

  • The meet details i.e. the meet name, format, age groups and other required settings
  • The session details i.e. the date, start time, venue, number of lanes available etc.
  • The event details including any associated records, cut off times or qualifying times
  • The running order details
  • The competitors details i.e. name, gender, date of birth etc.
  • The competitors entries

From this information a large variety of reports and printouts are available, including:

  • Running orders, programs, entry cards, recording sheets
  • Competitor lists, entry lists, competitor and entry statistics

A extensive range of options and facilities are available to set up your meets, including:

  • Define mixed age events where competitors of different ages can compete together in the same event but have separate results calculated for each individual age group.
  • Define meet records with automatic detection, notification and update when a record is broken
  • Define event qualifying times with automatic detection and notification of entries that are slower than the qualifying time
  • Options to define events with heats, semi finals and finals
  • Options to define events with multiple finals i.e. A & B or A, B & C finals
  • Facility to define a points scoring system based on finishing positions e.g. 1st = 8 pts, 2nd = 6 pts etc.
  • Option to define swimmer and entry limits with automatic detection and notification when clubs exceed the limit set
  • Facility that can calculate a running time estimate for meets, sessions or a specified range of events
  • A list of ASA registered clubs along with their club codes is integrated into the software for users to quickly import club details from

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Day of Meet Facilities

The day of meet facilities are used to organise and run the meet on the day of competition, this includes:

  • Withdrawal of any competitors who are not competing
  • The seeding of competitors into heats and lanes
  • Inputting results

From the seeding and results information a large range of reports and printouts are available, including:

  • Start sheets, recording sheets, results sheets, speeding tickets, award labels
  • Top competitor points lists, top club points lists, overall club medals tables

Again a range of meet options and facilities are available, including:

  • Multiple seeding options: slowest to fastest, spearhead, cyclic etc.
  • Automatic detection of straight finals and straight semi finals
  • Automatic calculation of positions, semi-finalists, finalists and points for events
  • Automatic detection of the need for swim offs and facilities to record swim off results
  • Ability to customise the disqualification codes used

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Graded Meet Facilities

Additionally there are an extensive range of facilities that enable the AquaSoft Meet Manager to cater specifically for graded meets i.e. A/B/C, A/B, B/C or B grade meets:

  • Users can define cut off times for each event and age group, including tolerances
  • Automatic identification of competitors grades from the input of entries or results
  • Automatic detection and notification of entries that are faster than the cut off times
  • Separate results are calculated for each grade i.e. A, B and C grade
  • Automatic identification of speeding ticket winners upon entry of results
  • The speeding ticket winners i.e. the swimmers who performed faster than the cut off time, are highlighted separate on the results sheets
  • User have the option to define their speeding ticket details (text / image) and then print the competitors speeding tickets direct from the results entry facility

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