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Club Edition Features

The main features and facilities available within the club edition include:

Results Recording

  • Record every result performed by your swimmers including race splits and comments
  • Record all your clubs relay team results including your swimmers split times and comments
  • Record all your clubs gala results i.e. overall club position and number of points scored
  • All results entered are compared with your swimmers personal best times. An improvement factor (+/-) is calculated and displayed on screen and in various reports. For every result entered users are immediately informed of how the time fairs against the swimmers personal best time.

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Results Analysis

  • Browse on screen the full list of times and results available for each swimmer. Results can be listed in either date order or time order (fastest to slowest).
  • There are multiple analysis reports available to preview or print for each swimmer, including progress reports and annual percentage improvement reports
  • There are multiple progress charts available to view on screen or print. These plot your swimmers results against time for each event. Users can view each swimmers progress per date, year, half year, quarter or age.
  • There are multiple medal tables reports available. These tally up how many medals each swimmer has won either per meet or per a specified range of meets or from year to year. Reports showing overall club medal tallies are also available.

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Personal Best Times

  • Record personal best times for all your swimmers, including best relay split times
  • Record separate PB's for short course and long course results and for both metres and yards
  • There is automatic identification and update of swimmers PB's from the entry of results
  • Users can browse the PB times on screen for each swimmer
  • There are multiple reports available to preview or print PB lists for your clubs notice boards. Separate PB lists can also be printed per squad or per age group.

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Club Records

  • Record both individual club records and relay team records
  • Record separate records for short course and long course for both metres and yards
  • There is automatic identification and update when a record is broken
  • Print or preview club record and relay record reports for your notice boards

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Club Rankings

  • Club rankings lists are automatically generated from the swimmers results entered.
  • Ranking lists are generated for every available event.
  • Users can browse the club rankings on screen or print rankings reports.
  • There are multiple rankings reports available which can display your clubs current, all time, overall and age group rankings.

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Time Standards

  • Define a list of time standards, for example meet qualifying times, cut off times or squad target times
  • View reports which compare your swimmers times to the time standards
  • These reports identify and highlight when the swimmers have achieved or are near to achieving the time standards set for each event
  • For example, for meet qualifying times, coaches and team managers can use these reports to see which events their swimmers have qualified for and by what margin. The swimmers close to qualifying for events can also be highlighted.

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Relay Team Selection

  • Calculate your clubs fastest relay team combinations based upon the results available
  • There is a large choice of options available for users to modify the calculation range, for example whether to include or exclude relay split times or only use results from the last 12 months or whether to include or exclude particular swimmers etc.

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Times Conversion

  • There is a conversion tool which will convert any time entered for a range of specified pool sizes
  • There is also a facility which automatically displays a swimmers best time for a given event along with the corresponding time conversion

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Athlete Details

  • There is a facility to record all of your swimmers height and weight measurements
  • There are various reports and charts available which display and plot the swimmers measurements over time

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Import / Export

The import and export facilities enable quick and easy transfer of information between different users of the AquaSoft software. For example this enables a clubs admin and coaching personnel to quickly exchange info between themselves:

  • Import results from and export results to other users of the AquaSoft Performance Manager.
  • Import time standards from and export time standards to other users of the AquaSoft Performance Manager.
  • Export results to users of the Swim Club Edition of the AquaSoft Club Manager so that they can update the PB lists and club records stored in their software.
  • Import swimmers results and relay results from users of the AquaSoft Meet Manager
  • Import swimmers details from and export swimmers details to users of the AquaSoft Club Manager
  • Export swimmers details to users of the AquaSoft Meet Manager
  • In addition, various time standards are available to download and import from the AquaSoft website

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